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Vitamins and deficiencies

Vitamins and it’s deficiencies

Vitamins and it’s Deficiency
Vitamin “A”: Night blindness
Vitamin “B1”: Beri beri
Vitamin “B2”: Ariboflavinosis
Vitamin “B3”: Pellagra
Vitamin “B5”: Paresthesia
Vitamin “B6”: Anemia
Vitamin “B7”: Dermatitis
Vitamin “B9”: Megaloblastic Anemia

Vitamin “B12”: Pernicious Anaemia
Vitamin “B17”: Cancer
Vitamin “C”: Scurvy and swelling of gums
Vitamin “D”: Rickets and Osteomalacia
Vitamin “E”: less fertility
Vitamin “K”: Non-Clotting of blood

Vitamins and it’s Deficiencies

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